Back in 2009 I sat down and wrote a cookbook.  It was supposed to be just for our family, namely the grown children of my sisters and I.  But, it grew.  And it evolved.  And soon I had 4 different parts to it!  But that's OK.  I like variety.  And so, in addition to some of these family favorites:

I had to add a chapter on some of Tulsa's great recipes, including TPS Cinnamon Rolls, The Italian Inn's Cheese Spread and The Louisiane's Gumbo recipe -as well as:
More Tulsa nostalgia:

During the compilation of this book, I spoke with my neighbor and the subject of Kolaches came up.  Another chapter was born about Oklahoma's ethnic dishes:

The other 2 chapters are recipes for food we can make for our pets and a true short story I decided to include (it's food related).

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