Monday, September 21, 2015

Trinity Episcopal Church

In 1903 there were six families of the Episcopal faith that met for services in a residence at Third and Boston.  In 1904 Rev. Baldwin, from the Vinita Episcopal church, began coming to Tulsa to hold services for the families who had banded together to form the Trinity Episcopal Congregation.  

During 04, 05 and most of 06 they often held services in a music studio on Monday nights because of the Reverend’s schedule.  In 1906 they dedicated a little brick church on the southeast corner of Fifth and Cincinnati.  The church sat in what used to be a cornfield.  

In 1920, when the congregation outgrew this building it was razed and a new building was constructed.  From December 1920 until June 1922 services were held in the Majestic Theater.  The new church was dedicated in May of 1926.


Unknown said...

How would I be able to contact you regarding some local historical quandries I may have?

Anonymous said...

I have a full-page article with maps about Tulsa's abandoned midtown coal mines from page 1B of the August 19, 1975 Tulsa Tribune. It would make a nice addition to your fascinating blog posts about the old midtown mines.

I would be happy to send a photo of it to you.

You can email me at: knoles att grand dt net

After I stumbled onto your blog I found lots of fascinating stuff in there. I hope you will continue adding to it.


Kristin said...

Hi Nancy - Is there a way to contact you privately? I am trying to find the name of a town that I don't think exists anymore.

Nancy said...

Hi Kristin- the only resource I can offer you is the book "Ghost Towns of Oklahoma" by John W. Morris. Hope this helps.

Cent said...

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