Monday, February 9, 2015

Did you know......?

Despite my sporadic posting here, I am still around- researching, writing, teaching and discovering new things that I want to share here.  The latest “Whaaaat?” moment I had was yesterday while browsing through the 1915 Tulsa World (May 18) newspaper online.  I did not know that Tulsa once had a huge motion picture studio back then- did you?  It had only been open for about 30 days when this article was written in a special edition of the Tulsa World called Achievements of Tulsa:

Upon further research, I found another Tulsan who also knew about this little bit of history- author John Wooley.  He wrote a book a few years back titled Shot in Oklahoma: A Century of Sooner State Cinema

In it he quotes another Tulsa newspaper from that time, The Tulsa Democrat.  The movie studio was headline news on April 27, 1915 and it was to produce movies that would be distributed all over America and into Europe.  

The studio was built on and around what was then considered the fairgrounds, located just outside of city limits, north of the Frisco railroad tracks between Main and Archer on 15 acres.  With a lake.  Wow.

If you want to know more about this studio and other interesting facts, check out Mr. Wooley's book.