Friday, September 20, 2013

Early Tulsa's Leading Ladies

Tulsa Historical Society has a new exhibit up featuring 4 interesting women who helped shape our city before it was a city.  I have blogged about 2 of those women here:  Lilah Lindsay and Fannie Misch  I am hoping that Fannie's granddaughters (who contacted me after my blog entry) will see this and know that she was not forgotten and, in fact, featured in a Tulsa history exhibit.  They should be proud of her.


Unknown said...

I have just had the good fortune of stumbling across your blog while looking up information on the old Doctors and Morningside hospitals. The trolley restoration project is fascinating, and I look forward to following their progress.

I take a lot of pictures around town, mostly of neglected buildings and signs that catch my eye (they are almost always stunning in one way or another), but rarely do I know the original purpose of the structures.

Thanks for taking the time to document pieces of Tulsa history!


Deborah said...

Laura Clubb is my great Aunt. I have been learning all about the history of when they were alive. Thanks for posting the story about Ike Clubb. The more I learn about my relatives the more amazed I get! Can you share with me any information you have about when Ike and Laura struck oil?
Did they ever start a oil business? Any info will help with my family research. I am putting together a family book and would like to add all the details of their oil business. The art collection is really interesting too, but I would like to know more about thier business relations. My email is Thanks in advance...

Nancy said...

Hi Deborah,
I don't have any information on the Clubb family. That story I posted was printed in the Tulsa World back in 1930. Sorry.

Unknown said...

Oh no! I had not idea about this exhibit, but then I live in Connecticut. If you have links to the exhibit, please let me know. Thanks!

Ellen Misch Morelock
Danbury, CT

Unknown said...

I wish I had known about this exhibit; if there's a link could you please post it?


Ellen Misch Morelock

Nancy said...

Hi Ellen- here is a link that will show you some of the exhibit:

Anonymous said...

Laura Clubb was my great-grandmother and I have all the information about her life and art collection. If you are interested contact me at: