Saturday, November 10, 2012

Trolley Restoration Group Adds Three More

Awhile back I blogged about the trolley restoration that Roy Heim and friends are doing HERE.  

Since that post, they have been given three more trolley's.  These are currently located at around 16th and Mingo in what's known as the Elm's Tourist Court / Elm's Trailer Court.  These three trolleys were converted into homes with the last occupants living there in 1985.  No other information is known at this time on where they came from, when they were first put there or by whom.  These three cars had frames built around them and looked like this last August:

 Note half of a Whistle advertising sign, upside down, over the window:

This is a rough drawing of the layout:
Roy tells me that they have spotted bright orange paint on the bodies with bright yellow paint around the windows.  The cars are numbered 302, 308 and 380.  
With so many of the smaller surrounding towns all having trolleys at one time or another and the practice of trading and repainting them common, figuring out the cars history is quite the challenge. 

The volunteer crew members are working unbelievably hard to get these former trolley cars moved over to Sand Springs.  They made good progress this week, finally getting the cars raised from their foundations.

You can join the Tulsa Trolley Restoration Facebook page and follow along.  Roy posts lots of great photos and perhaps you can help in the research, too. 


Anonymous said...

Very intersting. Grew up in the area where these trolley's are located and never knew they were trolley's in the buildings!

Judy said...

My parents lived in a converted trolley in 1958-59. I would love to know if they lived in one of these.