Tulsa 1909

Tulsa 1909
Tulsa 1909 (click on photo to zoom)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gano's Crossing

The story of Gano's crossing the Arkansas River.  Great stuff.


john said...

Great stuff indeed - didn't know this. Heading down to Riverside drive tomorrow to check it out!

G. W. Bill Miller said...

This looks interesting but when I try to view the clip I get an error message :(urisalss 428

Nancy said...

That's strange. Here is the link to it from YouTube: http://youtu.be/nKJ4ixebfio

jaymiem said...

Thank you, Nancy! You filled in a piece of history for me!
I knew that the Confederates headed a bit west, then south (staying on the west side of Grand River)when they took the wagon train, but my books didn't give the information that they had moved as far west as Tulsa after getting to the "Muskogee" area!!!
That ties nicely with my posts on the re-enactment of the Cabin Creek battle!!! Isn't history great!!

Nancy said...

Oh I DO love it when things tie in together!

joni said...

Tulsa Gal Nancy, Thank you for all you do at the Historical Society. And an especial thanks for this video.
There will be a gathering space overlooking the crossing pretty soon here on the southside of Newblock Park.
When i know the date i'll post it here.

Nancy said...

Yes Joni, please do! And thanks :o)