Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disco Dancing in Tulsa

What did Reflections, Pistachio's and Casa Blanca all have in common? DISCO, baby! I don't know about the rest of you out there, but Saturday Night Fever changed this girls social life in college. So, let's trip…..or rather Hustle down Memory Lane with this video from KOTV's vault.


john said...

Death before disco!

Patrick in Collinsville said...

Definitely some movers and shakers in that video lol

Anonymous said...

Do know of any history of Mohawk Park: the role of the CCC building Recreation Lake (now called Sherry Lake), the fish hatchery, the land fills, the skating rink, the boat house and paddle boats, the polo field, and so much more?

Bob DeMers said...

Holy Cow!!! Disco is the story, and Bob Losure the reporter:-)

Thanks for the blast from the past!!!

Bob "Disco" DeMers

Unknown said...

Forgot Bob Losure was in Tulsa. He went National on Headline News Channel

Anonymous said...

Wow! Just happened across this news feature by my old friend Bob Losure who use to be a regular at Pistachios. I would know since I was the DJ at all three discos mentioned, Reflections, Casablanca, and Pistachios. And later opened my own clubs Confetti/Parties on Brookside, after which I went on to build and own clubs in a number of cities from New Orleans to Seattle, and OKC too. What's really cool is that I spotted my old girlfriend Peggy Solsbury a couple of times in the video, she was a competitive Swing Club dancer. I have not forgotten how hot she was, and fun; a real sweetheart. Its frightening to think that its been forty years since the disco era, it was a great time for music in general. While working the clubs and DJing events and high school dances, I also worked Tulsa radio, KTFX and KWEN when both stations were Top 40. I often miss Tulsa, it was a great place to be and the clubs mentioned were as good as any anywhere in America, especially Reflections; I loved working that room. And I will never forget the high school dances I did for Broken Arrow HS, 1,500 kids doing the Bus Stop and dancing wildly to the most progressive disco I would throw at them.

Living in West LA since 1996 and loving it,
J. J. West

Bob DeMers said...

Hey,JJ, What a blast from the past... Good to hear from you and a little of what you've been up to! Sounds like you've had a great life! I had been bartending at a club in DC called 'The Plumb' (maybe the hottest disco on the east coast) right after I had graduated from college, and then got my first job in weather at KTEW (KJRH) soon after. When Reflections opened, I was in heaven! Great club, as was Pistachios, and Confettis/Parties! Those were some seriously great times, and there were some seriously great people a part of it:-) I still go back to T-Town every now and again to visit old friends. I believe Bob Losure is living there now. I left the TV business in the late 90's and now own a coaching/consulting/leadership training and development company in Charlotte NC (WTF???!!!). I love what I do now and interestingly enough, everything I did in the past has helped contribute to what I do now. Even the disco, lol. You spun some great tunes back in the day! Glad you are well!

Bob DeMers

Unknown said...

I just found this. Sooo awesome

KOsment said...

Tulsa trivia question. Where was club. =Rumors? 1980s?