Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Couple of Things

One of the many things currently occupying my time these days is working on a new educational program for the Tulsa Historical Society. This one is on Tulsa Homes by Mail- the catalog mail order homes that are still standing in Tulsa and the surrounding area. It has been a lot of fun and so educational for myself and my partner-in-crime Marian (the scriptwriter) to "learn from the master" Rachel Shoemaker, our local expert in all things mail-order homes. Rachel is a retired firefighter-turned-researcher/historian with a passion for discovering and documenting these homes along with their histories. She has been posting her finds on Facebook and Flickr for awhile now and just this week began a long awaited (by many) blog: Oklahoma Houses By Mail. 
Another activity that now also occupies my time is fabric design. I have discovered a  passion for this and I have incorporated my Tulsa history interest into a few items I created. I opened a little online shop on Etsy named (what else) Tulsa Gal's Shop.  I finally have a place to offer my cookbook and will have some more neat Tulsa-related stuff  soon.