Saturday, March 31, 2012

New App For Tulsa History Buffs!

This just in from the Tulsa County Library:

The Tulsa County Library has a GREAT new app in Apple's App Store that they want to share with you! "Tulsa Then and Now: Mapping the BFC" provides access to approximately 300 photographs selected from the Beryl Ford Collection. It includes streets, buildings, and residences. Browse, search, and view these historic images that document growth and change in Tulsa. The photographs have been mapped to allow for location-based browsing and to enable you to find images nearby your current location.

When you find a remarkable image from decades ago, share it via email, Twitter, or Facebook. Snap your own photo of present-day Tulsa and send it side-by-side with the historic image, creating your own custom Beryl-O-Gram. You can even use the camera on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to overlay the historic photograph with your current view.


• Access hundreds of historic images
• See a map with drop pins that represent the photos
• Search for a photo or location
• Browse photos taken nearby your current location
• Share images through email
• Share images on Twitter
• Share images on Facebook


Richard said...

Are their plans for an Android App?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tulsa Gal. I discovered your blog a couple of weeks ago and I think I've read most of it. I am blown away by the amount and integrity of your information. I am a theater person working on a show that takes place in the Mayo Hotel the year it opened. I downloaded the app and I LOVE your blog!!! Even for nonTulsans it is super entertaining.


Nancy said...

Thank you Sally for the kind words.