Tuesday, March 6, 2012

History In High Def

Although I normally stick to Tulsa history on this blog, occasionally something comes along regarding our state's history that I must share. The Oklahoma Historical Society has been busy digitally converting  entire film collections, thanks to some fancy new equipment they acquired this past December. They share a sneak peek on their blog today.  This footage is from the Haskell Pruett Collection that "documents community events such as parades and rodeos as well as leisure activities of an Oklahoma family from 1929 to the late 1960s."  While there is no sound, it is nonetheless a fascinating glimpse into the way life was.  



Unknown said...

When will the newly digitalized images be made available to individual bloggers to add to those posting about Tulsa history?

Nancy said...

Good question, one that you should post on their blog. There is a place for that at the bottom of the page I linked.

john said...

Really great - even if it IS from those godless heathens at the other end of the turnpike... ;)
The Spirit of St Louis footage is fantastic.

DrillerAA09 said...

Preparing a chicken for dinner...been there done that! I can still remember my grandfather beheading the bird and my grandmother and I removing the feathers on Saturday, in preparation for Sunday dinner.

Sidney said...

Very cool. I've linked to it on my site for my Sunday post.

Made me very nostalgic; I'll have to watch it again.

Thanks, Tulsa Gal.