Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tulsa Trolley Restoration Project

Southwest Tulsa Historical Society President Roy Heim has taken on yet another project for the Route 66 Village:

From the Tulsa Trolley Restoration Facebook Page:
Two old Birney style trolley car shells have rested patiently in the north yard of the Spring Loaded Brewery building at Main and Morrow Road in Sand Springs, Oklahoma for years, waiting for patient hands to bring them back to life. Their story began in 1918 when they were built for the Tulsa Street Railroad Company to transport passengers around the growing city. 
The single truck trolley worked hard for years, until the change from steel wheels on rails to rubber wheels on roads took place. Trolleys as primary transportation quickly gave way to Model T's and A's. Door to door convenience replaced trolley waiting rooms and stations in Tulsa. The Tulsa trolleys, with two and three digit numbers started to fade. They were put on sidings for a while and then off the sidings to obscure lots. 
Some, like the two old Tulsa trolleys, were converted to makeshift storage places and even temporary homes. Once the trucks were removed from under the trolleys the dreams of clickety clack, clickety clack began to fade. For some people the sound kept coming back into their thoughts and this is the sound that drove the beginning of the restoration of the Tulsa trolley.
Two of the original trolley car shells remain. Two will be sent to a restoration barn by several interested groups to be combined in the trolley barn into one shining restored car. The Tulsa Trolley Restoration Story will be followed on this site. The story will be told by volunteers who work on the trolley and those who donate to the restoration. 
Follow along with us as we watch the restoration in words and pictures.

Roy shared that the goal is to make these a beautiful exhibit at the Route 66 Village, to show the trolley history of Tulsa, right next to the Frisco 4500 Meteor that was moved there last June.

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I'm looking forward for the success of this project.This would be a big help to everyone.