Sunday, February 26, 2012

Great Raft Race Video #2

There was always a parade before the Raft Race event, held in downtown Sand Springs.  Were you a Pokie Okie?


jaymiem said...

Hey, Nancy! One of my fondest memories of the raft race was the year our family doctors in Sand Springs decided to enter...for the fun and exercise! I've never quite gotten over the mental image of those two so-o-o dignified gentlemen pedaling (or whatever they did!) down the river!! It was always a blast to see what people dreamed up...and was all in fun!

Unknown said...

I'm the granddaughter of Ron Blue. I'm. Going to try to start The Grate Raft Race for 2015. I need everyone's. Help to restart this race if you can help please email me at This will be a memorial to my grandparents. Thank you for your help