Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Got A Minute?

If you have the time and the interest in looking through old photos, then why not help out the Tulsa Library and the Historical Society at the same time.  How?  By looking through the hundreds of unidentified photos from the Beryl Ford Collection and seeing if you can help identify any people or places.

The Tulsa County Library has posted over 1,000 of these photos onto Flickr and is asking for your help.  There are two categories Unknown People and Unknown Places.  It is asked that you leave a comment on a specified photo with the identifying information or email them  ( and they will work with you to conclusively identify the photo in question.


andrew said...

Woo Hoo! I actually identified one of the houses!

Anonymous said...

C1859 is a photo of the John H. Markham, Jr. residence....1630 South the site of Mansion House. This information is from the first of John Brooks Walton's books on Tulsa's historic homes. This beautiful home was torn down in the mid 1960s.
I tried to post this under the unidentified photo, but couldn't figure out how to do it. I'll work on that just in case I can identify more!
Beverly Penn Audrain

Nancy said...

Beverly- thanks for the info. If you could, would you email that information to
and they will be able to get in touch with you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

C1858 is a photo of the McGraw Mansion at 1110 East 18th. This home is still standing and is still gorgeous.
Beverly Penn Audrain

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for helping us identify the BFC photos. I've changed the records to reflect this information.

YrHmblHst said...

Woo Hoo too! I can identify 6 of the houses - theyre all in the neighbourhood I grew up in - will go get the exact addresses and advise the Library as soon as practical.
The one of the guy in front of the 63 Plymouth Super Stocker and all the ones of the John Zink race cars should be easy - I'll have an answer on the Plymouth before long and Dr Bob Blackburn [author of the Zink racing biography] can undoubtedly answer the Zink race team questions, or at least know who can.