Friday, June 24, 2011

KAKC- Trippin' Down Memory Lane

Yesterday the KAKC exhibit opened at the Tulsa Historical Society -and what a BLAST from the PAST it was!  I honestly felt like I had time-traveled some when I left there. Although I was a youngster in the late 1960's, I had 2 older  sisters who were devout listeners and ergo, so was I.  I remember going to the Penney's store in Southland to buy 45's that were listed on the (posted) Top 40.  Here is one from an earlier time:

The exhibit features so many great, nostalgic items that will zap you back in time, especially if you are "of a certain age".  

A very cool item is this huge transistor radio that plays old KAKC programs on it.  

A jukebox is at the other end of the exhibit, loaded with songs of yesteryear to play.

Aside from this great exhibit, the t-shirts and KAKC documentary that were for sale and the pizza, the highlight for many of us was the panel of former DJ's that each got up to reminisce about their days on the station.  Sharing the table also was owner S. Carl Mark's daughter Mary Alice Mark Alexander who shared stories.

Dick Schmitz (referred to by most as "the nicest man") spoke first and the fun began.  Stories and recollections came forth from Harry Wilson, Scooter Segraves, Clayton Vaughn, Mike McCarthy and Steve Suttle.   

l to r: Mary Alice Mark Alexander, DJ Harry Wilson, DJ Scooter Seagraves and Steve Clem (who produced the documentary)

l to r:  Dick Schmitz, Clayton Vaughn, Mike McCarthy and Steve Suttle.

We, the audience, were wistful, nostalgic and laughing throughout it all.  For example.....

Mike "Morning Mouth" McCarthy recounted a particular Thanksgiving day in 1977 when he and John Durkee had to work at the station:


Oh what a night.


TulsaTV said...

Great photos!

GreenEyes said...

That was definitely one of the best "historical" events I've ever been to! It was so much fun to hear all the stories the former DJs had to tell about working for KAKC.

DrillerAA09 said...

What a great event. As a teen of the sixties (Edison '65), KAKC and KELI were integral parts of my life. The KAKC top 50 was something we looked forward to each week. Thanks for the memories.