Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Exhibit at THS

There is a wonderful new exhibit that just opened in the main gallery at the Tulsa Historical Society covering our Tulsa history from 1878-1900.  Along with lots of interesting old photos there are some great artifacts as well, including items from the Perryman Ranch.  Here is more about it from OETA:

p.s.  Beginning May 1st admission will no longer be free at the museum.  Become a member and enjoy the many benefits including admission, gift shop discounts and more.


Anonymous said...

From the Oklahoma Historical Site archives, we find much regarding the early Perryman Family of Tulsa. see: I have always wondered why, since they managed the first government Post Office as well as store, isn't Josiah Perryman attributed as the founder of Tulsa? Further, during the 100th celebration of Tulsa, I remember reading in the Tulsa World newspaper that the original letters of incorporation of the city of Tulsa have never actually been found. They were lost enroute to / from Muskogee. Mom Shahan

Nancy said...

In this exhibit the Perryman family is given proper acknowledgement of their contribution to the founding of Tulsa.
I know that THS has the letters of incorporation. I am assuming they are the originals....
Thank you for your comments!


Ronnoc said...

Love your blog, Can you add some Red Fork?

Nancy said...

I am planning on doing a blog about Red Fork in the near future- thanks for the nice comment!