Monday, March 28, 2011

Exciting New Tulsa History Links!

I suppose if you aren't all that in to researching Tulsa history, this may not be as exciting to you as it is to me.  Sheri Perkins, History and Digital Collections Librarian at (our wonderful) Tulsa County Library just posted two great resources now available ONLINE:

First up is the 1910 City Directory- pretty cool, huh?  The 1920 directory will be added soon.

And second is the entire Tulsa World newspapers for the year 1920; 1921 is almost completed as well. Sheri says that a portion of 1921 is also available online, too.

Thank you Tulsa County Library!


worker33 said...

good stuff Tulsa Gal

Ronnoc said...

That is sweet I am glad the Tulsa library is getting up to the 21st century finally. That stuff should all be on line.