Monday, September 27, 2010

Mystery Solved

Awhile back I presented another History Mystery regarding the World War II Memorial that used to stand in (then) Boulder Park.  The original blog about it is here and an update here.  As almost always happens when doing research of this kind, I accidentally stumbled upon the answer this morning, thumbing through a book.   I frequently forget to turn to this set of books for research, instead using them mostly for blog ideas.  The book I am referring to is Tulsa Times, A Pictorial History: Coming of Age, 1942 to 1988, Volume III (1988)  
As I was reading all about the war and Tulsa's involvement here at home, it took a minute for it to soak in that there in front of me was this photo:

Underneath the photo was the answer to "Whatever happened to this?" that so many of us had tried to find.

"The war still raged abroad, but Tulsans already had a temporary memorial in Boulder Park to honor the city's perished sons.  Ultimately, more than 700 Tulsans would die in World War II.  The homey monument was razed to make way for a permanent memorial in 1954."

So there you have it.


Unknown said...

Where is the more permanent memorial created in 1954 located?

Nancy said...

The one that is there now. We (those of us researching this) believe that this one was built in 1954 then refurbished in 1985 perhaps to include all veterans and not just those from WWII. I am going to post more as information is coming in.

Anonymous said...

Hey I watch you and the gentleman on google reader- had to stop by and ask- where is the monument you speak of?

I had no idea we had a local war memorial in tulsa like that.

Thanks for the posts, they make a great read.

Nancy said...

The Veterans Memorial is in Veterans Park (formerly Boulder Park) 18th and Boulder.