Friday, September 17, 2010

Alsuma Part 2

I couldn't stand not going over and seeing exactly what was left of or IN Alsuma (or the former town of).  It is on the map, after all:

I decided to take the 101st E. Ave entrance and go north to E. 47th Place.  That would be here:

So, this once-upon-a-time was a house, right?  Maybe?  That's kind of what I was looking for.  A house or former house of some sort.  If I looked to the right, according to the map, I was looking at what used to be Alsuma.  But there wasn't anything to even remotely tell me or show me that.  So I drove on, looking for any other former-houses.  I found a couple...

Looks new, could be a business I guess.  Very nice house, building or whatever.   This former house (below) is definitely a business.  But that was about it as far as house-like structures went.

Having fun tooling around these roads made me unaware of what I was about to drive up on.  It startled me in a most wonderful way......

Would ya look at that!  is what I said aloud to nobody in the car.  I had just stumbled upon the Stokely event company's property!  And they have some pretty cool signs back there!

I love it when I get pleasantly surprised like that.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I have to check that out. Great photographs.

deleted said...

Oh wow, I have pictures of the Metro Diner. I remember when they tore it down. Very awesome post.