Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tulsa 1927 - Part 4

Just to recap:  I'm having some remodeling done here at the house which makes concentrating on anything somewhat difficult, so instead of trying to research and write, I thought I would share the pages from this 1927 Booklet called Tulsa In Pictures.  Hope you enjoy.

.....still more to come!


Eric said...

The J.S. Bryan building is still in existence - now it's the Flytrap Music Hall and it certainly seems to be in excellent shape, hardly changed much in the past 80+ years. The Google pic can be found under 576 East 2nd Street. I always thought it used to be an old school so I certainly stand corrected.

Nancy said...

Eric, I'm so glad you are finding these one's that are still standing. Thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hi, great picture of Jenkins and son's store. I've been looking for a good view from the front. My 1927 "orthophonic " victrola was purchased there. It has their decal under the lid. Maybe I can post a pic when I have the chance.
Thanks so much for making all this info available.
Sincerely, Jay