Friday, July 30, 2010

History Mystery #2

Another mystery that needs to be solved:  What happened to this small white veterans memorial that used to be in (then) Boulder Park?

As reported by Gene Curtis three years ago in this article, Post 577 of the VFW erected this memorial back in the 1940's, representing the 622 Tulsa County soldiers, sailors and Marines who had been killed in action during WWII.  

But what happened to it?  Where is the glass with those names etched into it?

Volunteers at the Tulsa Historical Society have been digging and searching to find this answer.  Mr. Curtis has been contacted as well as the Park Dept, the VFW, some WWII veterans and others.  Nobody knows what happened to this memorial building.  Do you?


Anonymous said...

That memorial should be re-created.

It was a crime to dismantle it in the first place!

bryan said...

there is a memorial just west of the park on the other side of boulder. could that be it?

DrillerAA09 said...

I cannot imaging that a monument of this size has disappeared without anyone knowing what happened. That is just stunning.

Rick said...

The sad thing is that as a child, I often visited that memorial site.

Simply because my fathers name was engraved in the black marble (maybe it was glass) and it happen to be low enough so that i could touch his name.

For years, that was the place where could make a physical connection with a man i never know!

It would have been nice to visited that site one more before I too die.

The phase "it's a crime" does not serve this injustice well!

Richard Ramsowr