Friday, June 11, 2010

Oklahoma State Seal- Stolen or Not......?

How about a little bit of Oklahoma History Mystery today?  This month marks the 100th anniversary of the   removal of the State Seal from Guthrie to Oklahoma City.  In an article from the OKGazette several different scenarios are looked at.  We will never know the true story for sure; there is compelling evidence for several of the cases made, including audio recording from former Gov. Alfalfa Bill Murray, all of which make an interesting story even more mysterious.

Read the story here.


John Hood said...

Love your site, but PLEASE go back to your old format. John in Montana

Nancy said...

John, I have tried to go back to what I had but Blogger won't let me. They introduced some new templates that I wasn't really aware of. I went to change a color or something on my old one and it got "lost". Anyway I think I've come about as close as I can to getting it back to the way it was. Thanks for your input, I do appreciate it.