Monday, June 14, 2010

The Candy Man

J.A. Waldrep was one of the first to open a wholesale business in Tulsa.  Waldrep Wholesale Candy was located on the south side of _?__  street between Boston and Cincinnati.

Inside the store.  Note the various brands of candies.  A sign (by the chair) says, "Cigar 5 cents"

Business was good and sometime after 1908, he was able to open a 2nd location.  Mr. Waldrep is 2nd from the left here:

This ad ran in a 1927 promotional booklet:

 By now he had his own brand.

And eventually he owned this building on East 3rd Street.

Thanks to reader Eric for pointing out to me that this building still exists at 1209 E 3rd:


Unknown said...

Thanks for another piece of Tulsa history completely new to me. I wonder about the buckets of candy. This would be before the time of plastic containers but I don't see the slats of a wooden bucket.

Nancy said...

I believe that is actually made of paper- lots of layers of paper.

Eric said...

The building on East 3rd Street still exists - it can be found by searching 1150 E 3rd Street on Google Maps though it's actually at 1209 E 3rd Street.

Oakley said...

Nancy we now have the container from the Tulsa Candies that I donated 3 months ago. You need to ask Ian if you can look at it.

Unknown said...

We have a container from the TULSA CANDIES that I donated 4 months ago.

Nancy said...

Thanks Oakley!