Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Little More Brookside

I realize I have covered Brookside twice already in this blog, however when I am researching and discover more information or photos, I have to share.  
Last year a fellow blogger and Tulsa history buff inquired as to whether or not I could locate a photo of  the original S&J Oyster Bar, located at 33rd and Peoria, now occupied by Leon's.  It was a challenge which proved to be more difficult than I thought,  but one that a fellow blogger helped out with.  In my research of this area I discovered that the original occupant of this building was the Town & Country Restaurant.  I stumbled upon this photo of it last week:  

Also, in that same file was the following 1939 auction notice that I thought was interesting as well:


Unknown said...

Ah-ha! I knew there had to be a photo of that place.

Searching for answers 20 said...

I heard a rumor that the old S & J restaurant was at one time a funeral parlor and that there is a stairway leading down to a room which has been plastered up. This was when the restaurant was called Ka Pai - not sure about the spelling. They served Asian and had a nice bar to your right as you walked in. I liked to meet friends there and I was chatting with the manager and asked it the story was true. To my shock , he said that it was true and that the staircase leads to a sealed up room downstairs.Guess I was too freaked out to ask to see it, but i wish now that i had. If anyone remembers this, or have any photos or info I would love to hear it.