Saturday, May 15, 2010

1906 Film

Saw this over on Mike Ransom's website and had to share.  Has nothing to do with Tulsa but everything to do with HISTORY.  

This was the first 35 mm film, shot in San Francisco 4 days before the Great California Earthquake of April 18, 1906.  The camera was mounted on the front of a cable car as it went down Market Street.  The film was shipped by train to New York City for processing and was then "lost" for many years.  

I am amazed at so much here: the 6 different modes of transportation happening all at once, the number of automobiles, the lack of rules causing the high risk of danger (!?).   As Mike asks: I wonder how many of these people would be gone by the next week.....?  Personally, I did not like the music that accompanies this; electronic music- French, English or whatever- just doesn't fit, so I muted it.  You can go full screen if you want but the picture is a little grainy if you do.

UPDATE:  I just added (below this video) one that was made after the earthquake.

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Unknown said...

Interesting old film clip. I wish there was a narrative over it to tell me what we are looking at. Six days later it would have looked very different.