Friday, April 30, 2010

Missing Bell's

This time of year makes me think of Bell's Amusement Park.  We lived right over by the fairgrounds (behind Mayo Meadow) until I was 6.   My bedtime lullaby in the summer was the sound of the stock car races.  There were lots of benefits to living over there.  Great view of the fireworks from our front yard on the 4th and no parking problems when it was time for the Fair.  And going to Bell's.  Well, since Bell's is no longer here, I decided that we could all take some virtual rides down Memory Lane.   But first, a word from Eights The Place - Channel 8:

Let's go for a ride on Zingo!

Zingo At Night:

And now a few Bell's commercials from the 80s:

Speaking of the Phantasmagoria!

RIP Bells.

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DrillerAA09 said...

Wow! I grew up about a mile south of Bell's on 28th street. The sound of stock car racing on Friday and Saturday nights were a part of my growing up years. My friends and I spent many a summer night at Bell's. It was a place for many Jr. and Sr. High kids to hang out. Small world.