Monday, March 22, 2010

Earthquake Detector

I have a very reliable earthquake detector right in front of me, on my wall.  It's this:

My lovely, historical Tulsa plate has not been wrong yet.  Actually, it's the plate-holder (the kind with the springs on the back) that alerts me.  The wall this is hanging on is in fact the south side of my chimney.  Airplanes and loud vehicles can make my windows shake, but this has "gone off" when all is quiet.  
The rather large (for Oklahoma) one we had a couple of months ago was by far the strangest sounding.  I could not figure out what the noise was because, besides the plate doing it's thing, other parts of my house vibrated as well.  That was when I started to make the connection.  And with that one, I began to mark down precisely when this plate vibrated.  And lo, it's right on.  Last night it went off around 9:38; wasn't a very strong one.  I feel like I should DO something when this happens. Twitter it?  Well there is an actual study going on using Twitter as faster earthquake notification.  And I found that there is a website I can report these too.  I feel like its my duty ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Hello I track quakes and I Baught an earthqyake alam from quake alrm
and it works Like your Plate but better, I Live in Louis wer we rarely get quakes here, but we did in the first 4 Mounthes I got it in and
Put it on my Load bearing Wall
Like the Book said and
we got a small one at 3.0Magnatude
35 Miles from my house
and I was on the phone at the time and the quake alrm senced it but i didnt
cuse I was in a old desk chair that needs replaceing.

Our TV station report it on there news and my friend didt think we had a quake till
Ui got the Data set for the quake in hand. now he doesnt dbt me now.
if you have a Lap top quake carcher .net has a progrom and Usb adapter for detector and its the one im about to get and its Low cost $55
and it comes with softweare
and will let you see the quakes
as thay happen.

I hope this helps
I am in Hamradio and Like to study them
and Volcanos as well.

from Denham springs,La