Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Mid-Continent Tower

The Cosden Building (now known as the Mid-Continent Building) sits on the corner of 4th and Boston where the first Tulsa schoolhouse used to be.  The sixteen story building was Tulsa's first skyscraper . This was the building after it's completion. Notice there are no neighboring buildings at this time.

The 36-story Mid-Continent Tower was built in 1984, 65 years later.  These are actually 2 separate buildings, something many visitors don't realize.

The entrance to the lobby is very dramatic. 
Three different types of marble used in the tower came from Italy.  

This stained glass piece is over the elevator lobby area.
This stained glass mural was designed by artist Cissy McCaa.  

Twenty panels make up this mural that captures downtown Tulsa as it appeared 
at the completion of the Mid-Continent Tower in May, 1984.

This stained glass dome forms a ceiling over the three-story spiral staircase; 
it looks like a giant Tiffany lamp.

There's more to see in this beautiful building.  I encourage you to go by and visit.  
You'll be glad you did!

To learn more about this building, click here.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Great photographs. I've been in that building many times but I never tire of going through the lobby.

DrillerAA09 said...

Outstanding captures. The stained glass ceiling is remarkable.

MCSquared said...

I was in the treasury department of Reading & Bates at the time of the Tower's construction and was involved with much of the financing. Tulsa has to thank Charlie Thornton, President of R&B at the time, for his deliberate and insistent call for detail in its construction and decor that produced what you see in these photos. It cost R&B a fortune at the time, but we have this wonderful building with all of its traditional art deco to enjoy today.

Anonymous said...

The building's architectural style actually is not art deco. It is Gothic Revival/Sullivanesque, which pre-dated art deco.

Dougary said...

All of us who appreciate early skyscraper architecture owe a great deal to those who preserved the wonderful design of the Mid Continent Tower.
So many skyscraper gems have been destroyed in the name of progress. Singer Tower NYC immediately comes to mind.
Happy to see that this gem will be with us for another 100 years..

Dougary said...

Its equivalent to entering a palace!