Sunday, December 13, 2009

The ARCO Building/Towercade

The ARCO (Atlantic Richfield Company) Building was the final stop on the Tulsa Treasures tour. This unique building, located at 119 E. Sixth Street, was built in 1949 at the end of the Art Deco era and is a great example of how the style evolved over the years. I have long admired the outside of this building when walking past it. How could entrances like this not catch your eye? (click on photos to enlarge)
Actually, these are two buildings that are connected. This plaque the west side of the building explains:

We were asked by the owner not to go further than the lobby area due to safety issues. And there wasn’t much light, so bear that in mind. There are some ragged edges here and there, but the marble and style are still wonderful. 

This is on the floor just as you step out of the elevator:

This ornate door was admired by everyone:
As you walked in the building from the south door, this was the area to the right:
And this to the left:


DrillerAA09 said...

There are some incredible details that you have captured here. Tulsa's architectural heritage and catalog of Art Deco buildings just might be one of the best kept secrets of all time. The ARCO (originally Atlantic Richfield Company) building is an outstanding piece of work.

Nancy said...

I couldn't agree with you more: Best Kept Treasure for sure!

Maureen Kile said...

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