Monday, September 7, 2009

The Downtowner: Conclusion

Ah, the Hotel Tulsa. I wrote a little about this historic hotel that once sat at 3rd and Cincinnati awhile back (click here to read more). The hotel closed in 1962 and was demolished 10 yrs later.

Dale’s Orange Juice was next door to Crown Drug Store on 4th and Main- on the far right in this photo:
Pride’s Cafeteria (left side) at 3rd and Main was a Tulsa favorite for many years.
When I started this series, a great music master had just passed away. Here is where I want you to start reading the text, beginning with “We’re closin’ off this week…..”


I thought this was great and ironic, the timing of it all, that Les Paul was being recognized at this time in 1947 for his innovative sound.

Frank’s Pig Stand at 15th and Boston was very popular and very good, I’m told.

And Holly’s was another very popular downtown clothing store.

I remember going “window shopping” with my Mom downtown as a child, looking at the sparkling sidewalks, jumping over those grates in the concrete (and wondering what was down there, anyway?) I also remember the downtown Christmas parades, when they were held in the daytime. My dad would secure a window in a friend’s office for us to look out of and watch it. Isn’t this a great photo with the TU Marching Band leading the Christmas parade in 1949?
I came along at the tail-end of this Downtown era. Here’s to a new one!


Unknown said...

I remember the Holly store. The big letters on the plain face really made it stand out.

Mike Ransom said...

Just the other day, I added a Beryl Ford photo of Valley Inn to the page linked below. It shows the Valley Inn near 51st and Peoria in the 1960s. In front of it is a Creech's Restaurant. Creech must have moved from the 4801 E. 11th address in your Downtowner ad.

Nancy said...

Well there it is. I didn't even try to look for Creech's to be honest. Most of those little places weren't around that long. Thanks Mike.

Anonymous said...

I've always been fascinated with the Hotel Tulsa. I found a 1968 phone book and knowing that it (the hotel) had been destroyed in 1972, I wondered why it didn't appear in that phone book. Now I know that it closed in 1962. Did it just stand there vacant for ten years? How sad. What a beautiful, historic building it was. I loved the display the Tulsa Historical Society had on the Hotel Tulsa and the Bliss Hotel about a year ago.
I came along at the tail-end of that downtown era also. The way you describe it is as I remember it also. Another thing I remember is those wooden walkways that we all walked through to get from one building to another when there was construction going on.

Unknown said...

I have several photos online taken of the Tulsa Christmas Parade in 1959. I was 4 years old and in attendance. My dad worked downtown at the Corps of Engineers. Sometimes we watched the parade from an upper story office building near where he worked, and sometimes we went down on the street.

Here are the photos - can click to enlarge (you can have them if you want to use any):

There are also pictures of:
* The Mad Mouse at Bell's
* Mohawk Zoo Large Animals Area
* Tulsa Oilers Diamond Dinner Brochure from 1971
* Bell's Fire Dept Truck from 1958

-David Worrell

Unknown said...

Sorry, the photos are from the 1958 Christmas parade, not 1959. (These are large photos, you can click repeatedly to enlarge further.)