Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Downtowner

The Downtowner was a weekly publication distributed freely around town starting in 1942. In addition to highlighting where all of the action was, publisher Walter Cox wrote in the “filler” between all of the ads. The ads are fun to read now. And Mr. Cox's (Wally) observations are sometimes very surprising. I have this copy of The Downtowner from 1948 because of that week’s cover girl, my mom. click to enlarge

You will note that the restaurant, The Louisane, is the sponsor of the Downtowner. This was, apparently, the first time owner Herb Kallmeyer had sponsored the Cover Girl. My parents ate at the Louisiane a lot, mostly for special occasions. I never got to go. The Louisiane was located at 118 E. 18th (18th and Boston). Here is the original restaurant:

And in 1960 after it was remodeled:

Any time I have pulled one of these out (I also have a copy of the Downtowner’s competitor "This Week In Tulsa") I always have to sit and look through it. So I thought I would begin a series on this, going (almost) page by page and we can all enjoy what it was like back in 1948 when downtown Tulsa was alive and vibrant. When there were no less than 29 movie theatres in a 2 mile radius of downtown.
Here is the Orpheum and the Ritz during this time frame:

Next up: Spur Cola??


Unknown said...

I ate at the Louisiane only one time. I was attending OSU in Stillwater and drove a date over to eat dinner at the Louisiane to impress her. She was impressed with the restaurant but alas, not with me. I don't remember what we ordered. I was distracted.

the Provident Woman said...

What cool looking places.

Anonymous said...

David ... We went to The Louisiane for our first anniversary in 1966. I wish it was still there to go celebrate number 50.