Friday, June 5, 2009

The Doors Part 1

As a volunteer and sometimes researcher for the Tulsa Historical Society, I have tried to answer questions and dig up history for others. It’s quite challenging at times and always fun (I love this stuff!). The biggest challenge I have had so far, though, was The Doors. When the Executive Director of THS called me into her office that day, she had a funny smile on her face and said she had a great challenge for me and that if anyone could do this, it was I. (Her confidence in my abilities is much greater than mine). A gentleman was donating some old doors to THS that had been recovered from various buildings right before they were torn down for Urban Renewal in the late 60’s/early 70’s. My job, should I decide to accept it, would be to try to ID the buildings these doors came from. Wow. OK. I do love a challenge!

I met with the donor and some others a week later at an old warehouse to view and photo these doors. The current owner knew the original (now deceased) owner and had stored them in a building behind the old Hasty Bake store over on 11th Street (around where the Meadow Gold Sign originally was). There was a fire at the Hasty Bake store years ago and the smoke did some damage to the doors.

These doors had soooooome character, let me tell you! There were a few that just “spoke” to me, reminding of days long ago when I traveled to Cushing with my family. Old Mom & Pop grocery stores come to mind when I see these:

(remember BC powder???)

The suet on them aside, these doors are in remarkable shape for being 60+ yrs old.
Aha! The door above provides a clue of sorts: the address number 811. Hmmmmmmm...................

Next up: More interesting doors ...... stay tuned.


Tiffany Kirby said...

BC powder meaning for headaches? Had it's own drinking cup? Is that what you meant? I work at a convenience store, and we had them a while back. I hope that's what you meant. I would feel really good if it was meaning that I am only 24 years old.


Love old doors! Have 2 in storage that I want to re-finish and use in my house somewhere! They don't make them like that any more. Anxious to see the rest!